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Eary Hands is more than just ears and hands.  He is one of the most talented and interesting people to come out of Kangaroo Island in a long time, maybe ever.  Despite growing up in an isolated farming environment he spent most of his time tuning the radio to mainland stations playing contempory music.  It was always challenging to hear anything above the crackle and hiss so Eary Hands took to writing his own songs.  Most of these songs were simply appalling but persistence is a virtue and so he persisted.

After spending his formative years playing to assortment of domesticated bovines, ovine and swine Eary Hands moved to the big smoke and sought out like minded individuals.  The result was the Rawotts.  The Rawotts were a punk band where quantity was all important and quality didn’t make much of an appearance.  Best described as raw and engaging.  Much was learnt and despite being kicked off stage at a high school dance a small but enthusiastic fan base was formed.  The only remaining video of the Rawotts can be found on www.earyhands.com.  The footage comes from a garage event and captured the band at its height.  The song played over the video (Just Enough Fun) sums up the time.

The Rawotts finally dis-banded in something less than an acrimonious split.  Out of the ashes came the Bun Requirement.  Pretty much the same ideals and music, just a bit more sophisticated, i.e. they did some Velvet Underground covers.  The Bun Requirement performed for about a year and then petered out as the members went their separate ways, met girls, got paying jobs etc.

Eary Hands was also involved, for a short time, in an experimental band (Banana Juice) that achieved ….limited success.  The reason for the modest ascent to wide spread acclaim is not well understood but may have had something to do with an infestation of hippies in the band’s entourage.

In the intervening years Eary Hands continued writing until more recently when his first album (Chairs Can Kill You) was released.  Eary Hands is now a solo artist constantly looking for new sounds, time to record songs and make videos.

Eary Hand’s’ second album (Oranges) has just been released with accompanying videos to be released over the next year.

About the logo...

It is intended to represent the creation of recorded music. The one hand writing and playing the music, the other hand mixing and mastering the recorded product. The ear represents that at all times you have to listen.  

The web site image looks pretty good but was extremely challenging to create.  If you feel inclined, try positioning your head and hands, with the ear centred between the hands, on a scanner or photocopier. Very difficult. The Eary Hands image was created with eth help of another person’s hands.  If you do try it, make sure you give the hands back afterwards.

Hope you enjoy the music.

Eary Hands